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Why You Should Consider a Career in SEO

Why You Should Consider a Career in SEO

Search engine marketing is a hugely desired service in today's digital marketing landscape. In reality, in a latest On-line Marketing Trends survey conducted by HubShout, practically 67% of small-to-medium-business respondents reported SEO as their most in-demand marketing service for 2016.

But SEO is not a degree choice at most of the colleges and educational institutions and when you ask many SEO professionals how they reached where they are, and the road is gusty at best. So what exactly keeps people from starting their education, and consequently their careers, in SEO? Here are a few possible reasons.
 4 Reasons to Consider a Career in SEO
1) You love words.
Journalism and literature degrees get a bad rap nowadays for being "useless majors." Even so, the majority of current digital media team members all arrive from liberal arts and writing backgrounds. So, what's the link there? In brief, SEO involves writing well. You have to be able to connect not just to search engines but to target audience that your website and content is the most topically significant. With regards to on-page SEO and outreach, a way with words could possibly get you far.

2) You're a "digital citizen".
In the current increasingly multi-channel world, SEO is progressing more and more into an integrated discipline. Think about those recent Twitter-Google partnerships or Facebook's steady release of Graph Search updates to index and find old content. If you are keen about all things digital, you may find your niche in the extensive world of SEO.

An additional key component of becoming a digital citizen is a wild thirst for knowledge. In an industry as dynamic as search engine optimization, you must by no means stop learning to stay up-to-date. We round up some coffee every Saturday afternoon and have an enlightened discussion about latest industry developments and how to address them through our SEO trainings.

3) You're analytical.
Just like data? Great. SEO's acquired lots of it. Whilst words are a key component of SEO development, numbers are very imperative as well. In general, analytical-minded thinking is harder to train, so if you feel this is strength for you, SEO may be right up your path.

4) You've got an ogle for design.
Whenever auditing a client's website, there's no such as thing as "just SEO" You have to factor in the customer's entire web presence, which is not merely dependent on the technical structure, but also on the look, feel, and user experience. And apparently, content matters. You could have a well- optimized product page, but if the design elements are unattractive or it will require a ridiculous clickthrough way for users to arrive there from your homepage, don't wait to see any results. Because of this particularly, web programmers and designers are perfect candidates for careers in SEO.

While there are certain skills, talents, and personality attributes that may help bring about success in the field of SEO, there isn't a direct way or shortcut to digital marketing success.

Career Options :
- Analytics
- Business Management/   Development
- Link Building
- Event Building
- Organic Search Engine   Optimization
- Offline Marketing/Advertising
- Public Relations/Reputation      Management
- Paid Search/PPC Management
- Web Design
- Social Media
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