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Computer Aided Design

 Creating professional modeling & animation
This course covers the essentials of making superior modeling & animation. You'll learn how to create high-end Architectural models, Walkthrough, Photorealistic Effects. This course specially designed for Engineers, Interior Designers, Architects and Builders. To enhance their productivity, quality and achieve their goal.

 Duration : 4 Months         Project : 1 Month
The Fundamentals of Computer : Reviews the revolution of computing, Operating systems, History of GUI's(Graphical User Interfaces),Design Techniques, Communication and Connectivity, Secondary Storage(Optical Storage),Printers & Printing, Object Linking & Embedding, Navigation the Web, Intro to File System, Control Panel, Accessories & Print Brush, Word Processing , Presentation Graphics, Compression Utilities (WinZIP, Arj).
Computer Aided Design 2D & 3D (AutoCAD) : Introduction to AutoCAD, Drawing Aids, File Management, Co-Ordinate & Measuring System, Drawing Tools, Linetypes, Zoom, Editing Drawing, Construction Commands, Dimension, Array, Blocks, Views, Isometric Views, Printing, Plotting, Import, Export, Snap, Layer, Text, Scale Factors & Intro to AutoLiSP. Intro to 3D Modeling, 3D Geometry, Setting Viewpoint, Dynamic & Isometric Views, World Space, Paper & Model Space, Creating 3D objects, Array & Mirror, setting up Elevation & Thickness, Viewing Slides, Solidifying Objects¬Extrude, Revolve & Surface revolution. Creating Scenes, Lights & applying Materials & Renderings ,Solid Fill, Raster Image, Match Properties, Clipping Projects.
Graphics Using Photoshop : This lesson addresses Image Editing Applications in the Advertising, Packaging, Photography & Videography. Imaging for the object modeling, File Formats and Color Palettes, Optimization Strategies, Creative Sourcing, Animation and Interactivity, Cutting-Edge Aesthetics.
Digital Editing (Premier) : Discover the exciting world of digital video. You'll Learn The Fundamentals of Editing, Storytelling in the Digital World, Finishing and the Future, Creating Digital Video, Storytelling Through Visual Means, The Uses of Digital Video.
Audio Technology : This lesson addresses Sound Concept, About Main Screen, Timing, Data Windows, Recording, Capturing, Editing, Navigation, Sound & Output Formats.
Modeling & Animation( 3D Studio Max) : Introduction to 3D Studio Max, Concept, Theories & Techniques, Creating 2D Shapes & Lofting into 3D Objects, Creating and Editing Materials, Texture, Understanding using techniques of Lights and Camera, Rending & Animation Techniques, Lofting Complex Objects, Creating & Editing Faces and Vertices, Into to Track View, Entity Conversion, Intro to Hierarchical & Morphing, Animating Lights and Cameras, Key Framer Techniques, Intro to Special Effects, Exploring Action IPAS Libraries & Transferring Animation to Video.
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Computer Aided Design
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