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Graphic Designing

Learn Graphic Design At Universal Computer Art!

Are you looking for a career in Graphic Design? And in search for a graphic design courses “near me” ? If your answer is yes, then Universal Computer Art is here to refine your creative flairs in the world of graphic design.

Universal Computer Art (UCC) offers an all-inclusive graphic design course in Thane and Mumbai that enables you to become a skilled graphic design professional with great artistic skills combined with the ability to design across various mediums for a range of purposes.

With a nominal fees structure, our graphic design courses can help students attain their design goals without any hassle. Students will not only learn the knack of graphic design but will also gain self-confidence essential for workplace success. We also provide graphic design course with placement assistance.

Being one of the best graphic design institutes in Thane and Mumbai, we train every student in how to work creatively on identity design (logos, icons), marketing collateral design (brochure, catalogs), poster design, and designing for merchandise (t-shirts, bags, wallets, etc.).

This is one of the project-oriented graphic design courses in which you will make a firm foundation in design fundamentals while working on practical applications. At our graphic design classes, all our training material and practical exercises are developed in-house and are precisely tailored based on industry needs.

In graphic designing certificate course, the basic module emphasizes on top understanding of the basics of graphic design, aesthetic elements and diverse design styles together with an introduction to graphic & communication design tools and software such as Coral Draw & Adobe Photoshop.

If you are seeking to jump-start a career in graphic design or are already working in the digital industry & simply seek to boost your current knowledge of the subject, you can enroll for one of our graphic design courses in Thane and Mumbai.

Course Summary

Course Name : Graphics Designing
Duration : 3 Months
Project : 1 Month
Reguler : Mon, Wed, Fri 2 Hours.
Weekend : Sat., Sun. 3 Hours.


Lesson 1 - The Fundamentals of Computer

Reviews the revolution of computing, operating systems, History of GUI’s(Graphical User Interfaces),Design Techniques, Communication and Connectivity, Secondary Storage(Optical Storage),Printers & Printing, Object Linking & Embedding, Navigatting the Web, Intro to File System, Control Panel, Accessories & Print

Lesson 2 - Computer Aided Illustrations(CorelDraw)

CorelDraw is a vector illustration and page layout program, offering creation tools and outstanding output capabilities that integrate into existing workflows & This lesson addresses Advertising Layouts, Logos, Typography & Illustrations.

Lesson 3 - Computer Aided Image Editing (PhotoShop)

Photoshop is the premiere Image Manipulation tool for the Print, Photography, Videography and the Web.

Lesson 4 - Adobe InDesign

Design professional page layouts for print and digital publishing. This course focuses on the uses of InDesign for document layout and design. Learn how to integrate text, graphics, and photographs to create a variety of professional quality finished documents for practical and business use.

Lesson 5 - Adobe Illustrator

Learn about this powerful, professional illustration and design tool for graphic artists, technical illustrators, and desktop publishers. Also learn how to build your illustration skills by mastering classic art techniques and harnessing the power of Illustrator.

Lesson 6 - Typography

Tap the power of the type in visual communication In this lesson course, you'Ulearn advanced concepts in typography, building your portfolio through hands-on projects.

Lesson 7 - Branding & Identity

Stand out in the crowded marketplace Explore through case studies the essential skills required to design logos, marketing materials and advertising programs to establish and promote a corporate identity effectively.

Lesson 8 - Print Production

A step-by-step guide to managing successful print jobs To manage a print job effectively, you must understand how printers work, how to communicate with them, and how to identify the best solution for your budget. You can learn the technical fundamentals of producing professional-looking print publications. You'Ulearn what you need to know at every step of the process, from choosing file formats and fonts, to specifying or separating colors, to managing the different phases offinal production.

Lesson 9 - Advertising Design

How to get ahead in advertising, by design In this Project, you'U learn the principles of the advertising design from both a creative and a business perspective. Case studies from Print, Web, and TV showcase advertising concepts at work: persuasion, color psychology and composition, copywriting and typography, and brand communication. Class projects include ads for newspapers, magazines, subways, and transit/outdoor applications, and a final project in which you create an entire ad campaign.

In Advertising Agency, Design Studio, Publishing or Corporate Houses as a

  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Visualiser
  • Art Director
  • Layout Artist
  • Cartoonist
  • DTP Specialist
  • Creative Support etc.
  • Image Editor
  • Packaging Designer
  • Cover Designer
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