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Web Development

 DOT NET Technology

 Duration : 2 Months (2 Hrs/Day/MWF) - 60 hrs.        Project : 1 Month
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming :
• Overview of object oriented Programming
• Classes, Instances, Variables
• Object Oriented Techniques
• Object Properties, Events and Event Handlers
• Variable Types, Conditionals and Loops
The .NET Framework :
• Understanding of the .Net Framework,
• Common language specification (CLS)
• Common language runtime (CLR),
• SQLDataAdapter,
• SqlCommand, Dataset
• SqlConnection, DataTable,
• DataRow, DataColumn
Creating you first ASP.NET page :
• Embedding Asp.Net within HTML,
• Simple Asp.Net page
• Running your ASP.NET Page
Controls :
• HTML server controls, Label,
• TextBox, Linkbutton
• Radiobutton, Button,
• Linkbutton, HyperLink
• Image, Checkbox, Datagrid, Panel
• Listbox, Dropdownlist,
• Tables, Calendar
Validation :
• The RequiredFieldValidator (client side)
• Server side validation
• Database Programming(ASP.Net)
• Accessing data with ADO.NET
• The ADO.NET model
• Writing data to the database
Data Binding :
• Data binding and postback, Binding to labels, Binding to textboxes, • Binding to drop down lists, Binding to a Datagrid
MS SQL -2008 : Handling Data Stored in a Database
• Creating Tables
• Data Types
• Inserting data
• Selecting data
• Updating data
• Deleting data
• Structure Query Language(SQL)
• Database design, Primary key, Foreign key, SQL DataTypes
• Data definition language (DDL), Data manipulation language (DML)
• Joins, Subqueries
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Web Development
Career Options :
- Web Page Developer
- Software developer
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