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Web Development

Learn Website Development At Universal Computer Art!

Students who have completed their course in web design can learn the advance concepts of website development. In web development training, students learn to apply complex codes to the designed website; thereby allowing complex tasks like data processing, analysis and content management to take place.

The introduction to web development courses aims to give you the knowledge and skills to start developing your own websites and web applications. The website development course also effectively focuses on the practical application of the technologies used in web design and development.

The syllabus of our web development training program at Universal Computer Art is formulated in a way that enables the aspiring web developer to build high-end websites that can process complex information. As a part of the Web Designing & Development Course in Thane & Mumbai, students have to develop a working website as a project which can be later shown to the companies for placement.

Further, we teach the best skills you need to kickstart your career as a UI developer, Front-end developer and a web programming expert. From web application development fundamentals to launching full-stack web apps, you'll learn to solve problems with code while applying top industry practices in a collaborative environment.

With a nominal fees structure, our web development courses can help students attain their design goals without any hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Join one of the top website development courses in Thane West and be a specialist in programming fundamentals, along with computing, networks, and data structures.

Course Summary

Course Name : Web Development
Duration : 2 Months
Project : 1 Month
Reguler : Mon, Wed, Fri 2 Hours.
Weekend : Sat., Sun. 3 Hours.


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Overview of object oriented Programming
  • Classes, Instances, Variables
  • Object Oriented Techniques
  • Object Properties, Events and Event Handlers
  • Variable Types, Conditionals and Loops
Lesson 2 - The .NET Framework
  • Understanding of the .Net Framework
  • Common language specification (CLS)
  • Common language runtime (CLR),
  • SQLDataAdapter,
  • SqlCommand, Dataset
  • SqlConnection, DataTable,
  • DataRow, DataColumn
Lesson 3 - Creating you first ASP.NET page
  • Embedding Asp.Net within HTML,
  • Simple Asp.Net page
  • Running your ASP.NET Page
Lesson 4 - Controls
  • HTML server controls, Label,
  • TextBox, Linkbutton
  • Radiobutton, Button,
  • Linkbutton, HyperLink
  • Image, Checkbox, Datagrid, Panel
  • Listbox, Dropdownlist,
  • Tables, Calendar
Lesson 5 - Validation
  • The RequiredFieldValidator (client side)
  • Server side validation
  • Database Programming(ASP.Net)
  • Accessing data with ADO.NET
  • The ADO.NET model
  • Writing data to the database
Lesson 6 - Data Binding
  • Data binding and postback, Binding to labels, Binding to textboxes,
  • Binding to drop down lists, Binding to a Datagrid
Lesson 7 - MS SQL -2008 : Handling Data Stored in a Database
  • Creating Tables
  • Data Types
  • Inserting data
  • Selecting data
  • Updating data
  • Deleting data
  • Structure Query Language(SQL)
  • Database design, Primary key, Foreign key, SQL DataTypes
  • Data definition language (DDL), Data manipulation language (DML)
  • Joins, Subqueries
  • Web Page Developer
  • Software developer
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