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Explore multimedia Communication on the Web and beyond

This Certificate Fuses the discipline of graphics design with the interactive world of multimedia. Students learn how to create powerful visual communications and translate them into 3-dimensional, Interactive experiences. Students create designs in which the user is an active player, whether the result is on the Web, a CD-ROM, or created using Director, Flash , 3D Max.

Course Summary

Course Name : Multimedia
Duration : 9 Months
Project : 1 Month
Reguler : Mon, Wed, Fri 2 Hours.
Weekend : Sat., Sun. 3 Hours.


Lesson 1 - Computer Basics

 The Fundamentals of Computer reviews me revolution of computing operating systems, History of GUI’s(Graphical User Interfaces),Design Techniques, Communication and Connectivity, Secondary Storage(Optical Storage),Printers & Printing, Object Linking & Embedding, Navigation the Web, Intro to File System, Control Panel, Accessories & Print Brush, Word Processing , Presentation Graphics, Compression Utilities (WinZIP, Arj).

Lesson 2 - Web Interactivity

Timeline Based Animation, Using Actions Scripts, Creating Dynamic Forms, Synchronizing Sounds in Animations, Designing with Tables & Frames, Format Web Pages With CSS, Designing Interactive Banners & Web Ads, Publishing Files for Web Ads, Publishing Files for Web, Creating Forms in swf, Embedding & Streaming Videos, Using Components, Launching a Web Site, Integration & Testing, Case Studies and Projects.

Lesson 3 - Flash

Interactive design tool for the Web or on CD-ROM. When designers think dynamic, they think Macromedia Flash. The vector-based tool, rapidly taking over the Web, can create everything from simple animations to entire sites. In this lesson course, you’ll develop a deep understanding for basic drawing and animating tools in Flash, mastering such critical interface elements as layers, scenes, nested symbols, and movie clips. You’ll create an animated logo, a cityscape, a splash screen, a basic Flash site interface, and more.

Lesson 4 - After Effects

This lesson addresses Art of Digital Video compositing and mixing the clips with professional effects. Real Visual Effects Using the power of Third party plugins.

Lesson 5 - Audio Technology

This lesson addresses Sound Concept, About Main Screen, Timing, Data Windows, Recording,Capturing, Editing, Navigation, Sound & Output Formats, Direct X, Processing Techniques, Tools, MIDI, Play & Regions List, Synchronization & Optimizing Sound Forge & Audio attributes.

Lesson 6 - Virtual & Elastic Reality

 This lesson addresses Create Still and moving morphs and warps, Create Special Effects and Rendering into different Media Format.

Lesson 7 - Project Management

 A step-by-step guide to multimedia project management. Planning and Costing : Creative Strategy, Target Audience, Building Team, Pilot Project and Prototyping, Task Planning, Scheduling, Preparing Estimating, Cost Sheet & Budget & Project Implementation. Designing & Producing : Designing the Structure, Use Interface, Case History, Producing Starting Up, Working with Clients, Tracking & Open code. Content & Talent: Acquiring Content, Screen Writing, Locating Professionals, Casting & Locations hunting. Delivery : Alpha, Beta testing, Polishing to Gold, Designing Installation programs, Packaging the Project.

Lesson 8 - Screenwriting for Multimedia

Learn to plan a multimedia project. Screenwriting for multimedia on the Web or on CD-ROM can be compared to regular screenwriting for movies or TV. Just as a director cannot make a movie without a script, an artist cannot create an interactive multimedia project without a story or a plan. This course gives you powerful tools for creating meaningful Web sites or CD-ROMs, by covering the special demands and opportunities involved in conceptualizing and planning an interactive multimedia project.

Lesson 9

Interface, Setup, and Input :

  • 1. Basics of the interface and the elements of a project
  • 2. Instructions for setting up editing system
  • 3. Capturing footage to your computer and importing files

Editing :

  • 1. Video editing process
  • 2. Organizing your footage
  • 3. Creating a rough edit
  • 4. Advanced trimming techniques
  • 5. Multi – camera editing

Audio Mixing and Effects :

  • 1. Mixing audio and enhancing your video using the elaborate effects capabilities
  • 2. Adding transitions and filters
  • 3. Creating motion effects
  • 4. Compositing and layering
  • 5. Creating titles
  • 6. Color correction in footage
  • 7. Real-time playback and rendering

Media Management and Output :

  • 1. Managing projects and media files
  • 2. Exchanging projects between editing systems
  • 3. Outputting completed projects
  • 4. Settings and preferences
  • 5. Video formats, frame rate, and time – code
  • CD Authoring
  • Digital Artist
  • Digital Effects Animator
  • Compositor
  • Pre-production Editor
  • Post-production Editor
  • Interface Designer
  • Pre-Visualization Artist
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Cartoonist
  • Video Editor
  • Creative Support
  • Tele Film Editor
  • Special Effects Artist
  • Creative Visualisations
  • Game Development
  • Animator for Televison / Films
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Multimedia Programmer etc.
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